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When you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into the day-to-day urgencies of running a business (“The cold room’s down!”; “We need more coriander, Mama!”) you don’t realise how it has evolved into something other than what you’d expected. In 2009, we moved my catering company from my home to a burnt-out fish-and-chip shop on the Main Road in Woodstock. Ten years later, I realised we’d become a restaurant

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On Our Radar
“When I was a child, the first sign that we were going to make tihove was my mom washing the big traditional mortar and pestle. It would be followed by her friend coming over. As soon as she arrived, they would take turns grinding the peanuts and usi
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But Is It Kosher?
Prior to my first sleepover at Merv Merris’s house, his mother asked a question she would regret: “Nik, what’s your favourite food?” For reasons that will shortly become clear, I replied “guinea fowl casserole”. She said: “That is both treif and hard
Woolworths TASTE2 min lettiDiet & Nutrition
Nuts About Almonds
So, you love to snack on almonds, the question is do you know where they come from? Woolies carefully sources its non-pareil supreme almonds from California. Due to California’s ideal Mediterranean-like climate, it supplies over 70% of the world’s al