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Spotlight on... LILY GRACE
It seems the baked pasta everyone is making on TikTok has reached YouTube! Lily gives the iconic recipe a go, with her own special flair. Will it work? Will it be yummy? Tune in to find out. In this video Lily is baking in her kitchen. But while she
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Whoa! How Embarrassing!
I was getting in some kicking practice before the first soccer training of the new season. I was feeling awesome because last year my team was undefeated and we got pushed up into a bigger and more competitive division. I had my new boots on and coul
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ALL Aria!
How did you get into acting? “Both of my parents are performing arts educators, so I’ve always been surrounded by it. When I was six, I started taking musical theatre. Local theatre was always super fun to me, because it incorporates my three favorit