‘Compulsion to Repeat’, ‘Are You Depressed?’, ‘Mindfulness’, and ‘SOUNDMUSEUM’: these are the titles of exhibitions held in the first half of 2020, under the cloud of our present Coronavirus Disease-19 situation. Today, as uncertainty and anxiety increases, the themes guiding art exhibitions have expanded to feature reflections and interpretations of individuals and groups, and the psychologies of individuals, groups, and communities. At the same time, multifaceted experiments that weigh up how best to explore and experience these issues have also become something of a trend. If this phenomenon is interpreted in reverse, it could be understood as a widespread desire for emotional empathy and social engagement at the point at which he needs of artists and visitors meet. Our epoch characterised by isolation, in which we can no longer imagine solidarity with others without solving individual personal problems, has prompted scrutiny of our social disconnection in the form of an exhibition. ‘Complex Society: Imperfect Beauty’ on show at Space

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A Plan For The Archives Of The Korean Museum Of Urbanism And Architecture
If an artefact is referred to as a finished product imbued with the artistic value by its creator, then data is a series of furrows produced and edited by a purposeful creator, and records are informational or emblematic of the constituting facts of
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(non)Fiction, serialized by novelist Jung Jidon. When we talk about space, we swiftly discover is that we know nothing about it. This article is a hypothetical non-fiction work that explores how the opportunities afforded by space exist in different
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Perfect Imperfect Dictionary
Lo-fi / Nameless / Simplicity / Imperfection / Liquid Modernity / Modern Mythology / Not Being Two / Dependency / Moderate Utopia / Tree / Playground / Boundaries / Liquid Stone / Natural and Artificial / Constructive and Destructive / Bunker / Urban