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Safety First

When working with such a setup, please be extremely careful to never look directly into the output beam of the laser or any direct reflection of it, regardless of the output power. The light beam can cause serious damage to the eye, especially for higher output lasers. If you must look at the beam do it from a surface that is not reflective such as an index card or something similar.

In past columns we have presented several approaches to communicating in

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Homing In
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A New Design of a 40-6-Meter Off-Center-Fed Dipole
A 40-meter off-center-fed dipole (OCFD) is a versatile antenna for portable operation or space-constrained fixed stations because it is a manageable length and can cover 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters with low SWRs. To make an OCFD antenna work well on
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Kit Building
DX Engineering NOISELOOP QRM Sniffer When looking at interesting kits to build, I sometimes come across things most hams have not had a chance to try yet. This month’s kit is no exception. The growth in the number of noise sources that plague our abi