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Format PS4 ETA Winter 2020 Pub Huya Dev Surgical Scalpels

Playing Surgical Scalpels’ impressive zero-G multiplayer tactical FPS feels familiar yet oh-so-different. It’s doing the game a disservice to say it’s simply ‘Call

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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
Anew: The Distant Light
FORMAT PS4 / ETA TBC PUB RESONATOR / DEV RESONATOR PLAYERS 1 Awakening on a lonely planet (yes, another one of those), your first task is to find out what happened to your missing co-pilot. Your second is to survive, though your natty combat-ready sp
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The Warrior Of Funk Joins The Party
You’d be hard-pressed to browse the videogame music corners of the internet without seeing something Alex Moukala has a hand in, whether it’s his slap bass renditions of game music, a retooling of a famous piece into another game’s musical style, or
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
Need To Know
1 The title was Zero in Japan, Project Zero in Europe, and Fatal Frame in the US. 2 If you leave it idle, there’s a creepy screensaver where a face appears! 3 Believing many were too scared to finish the first game, Tecmo took care to create a grip