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Weigh yourself twice a day for superior weight loss, says(Flatiron Books). Regular self-weighing is considered crucial for long-term weight control. His recommendation is based on one study that found that twice-daily weigh-ins — upon waking and right before bed — appeared superior to weighing once a day (about 6 versus 2 pounds of weight loss over 12 weeks). Greger’s comprehensive weight-loss plan encourages daily exercise and eating plenty of beans, berries, other fruits, vegetables, flaxseeds, nuts and seeds, spices, whole grains, and drinks.

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From The Archive: Hemp
The Post’s sister publication Country Gentlemanweighed in on the value of growing hemp The culture of hemp in this country has been chiefly confined to the states of Kentucky and Missouri, and unlike any other crops grown in those states, the labor h
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Did We Say That?
College Will Spoil Your Children! College enrollment started to rise in the 1920s, which led some critics to question the value of a degree The college student is characterized by a fine and lofty indifference to everything outside his own personal
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It was the 1990s when scientists first noticed something remarkable about this little compound in the hemp strain of the cannabis plant. Lisa Matsuda, Ph.D., at the National Institute of Mental Health, had just discovered the endocannabinoid system (