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Over The Years
1st edition. Adapted from Warhammer Fantasy Battle – a skirmish wargame with a ball. 2nd edition. Introduced Dungeonbowl, an underground version of the sport. Kerrunch. A spin-off aimed at beginners, with simpler rules Third edition. Introduced th
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The On Ball
In this rather complicated sports sim, it’s considered a good match if you can make it to half-time without either team captain being assassinated or marrying a sibling. The fog of war keeps each match surprising, though things do have a tendency to
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The Source Engine
There’s a dead end junction, late in Half-Life 2’s airboat segment, that’s fairly easy to miss. It’s nothing special to look at. A concrete run-off with a few shanty houses and a handful of zombies. But this corner, with its distant chirping of crick