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TARTING IN LATE MAY, A WAVE OF PROTESTS SWEPT across Texas cities to oppose police brutality and systemic racism, a response in part

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Reform Versus Rebuild
THE UPRISING SPARKED BY THE POLICE KILLING OF George Floyd on May 25 has pushed the debate around public safety into territory that would have seemed unthinkable in Texas just months ago. Howard Henderson, director of the Center for Justice Research
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Strangest State
Visit for more “Strangest State” and links to original stories. Got a local oddity or some small-town news to share? Tips are welcome at ■
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A Monumental Undertaking
THE PARTY DEMETRIA MCFARLAND’S family throws every Juneteenth is so big they usually need at least three trailer-size smokers to cook enough food for everyone. McFarland’s brother-in-law invites extended family each year to his home in the rural East