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“I started Kat’s course from home on March 20th, during self-quarantine. I was diabetic, pushing 300 lbs., and in self-destruction mode. I couldn’t have imagined that by May 15, I’d be at my college—Randall Rodriguez, Orlando, Fla.

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Better Nutrition4 min letti
How To Eat After A Heart Attack
Nearly one in four people who have a heart attack go on to have a second one, but the right foods can significantly improve the odds of a long and healthy life. More than 20 years ago, the Lyon Diet Heart Study broke new ground by testing the effects
Better Nutrition3 min lettiNutrition
6 Must-Know Benefits of Eating Seasonally
Q Is there any reason I should change what I eat based on the season of the year? Yes. Our convenience-driven modern food system includes imported foods flown into the United States from all around the world, and we can obtain most of what we want an
Better Nutrition2 min letti
Why You Should Go Organic
Many people choose organic food to lessen their exposure to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but there are many more benefits to this wholesome way of eating. Health-wise, organic crops contain more concentrated nutrients than conventional crops