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Is a folder all a soldier really needs? Yes, some may say. But despite folder advancements, this perspective is short-sighted. A fixed blade is in every way superior to a folder for the tasks that a soldier needs a knife to perform.

Historically, fighting men throughout the ages have relied upon fixed blades (swords, bayonets, daggers, and dirks) as primary and secondary weapons of war. While folding knives have existed for centuries, they were seldom seen as suitable for the battlefield. They were relegated to

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DURABLE, RELIABLE, AND READY TO TACKLE YOUR RECENT KILL: THESE ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS YOU NEED IN A HUNTING KNIFE. This oversized knife’s main function is to make short work of skin, muscle, tendons, and even bone. A sturdy handle, durable steel, an
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IT’S A DANGEROUS WORLD OUT THERE. EVEN THE ODDS AND INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVING A COWARDLY, UNPROVOKED ATTACK BY CARRYING AN EDC KNIFE. These concealable blades offer a slim profile, a lightning-quick opening, and an extra sharp edge. From bei
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A SURVIVAL OR BUSHCRAFT KNIFE IS THE PRIMARY STAPLE OF EVERY BUGOUT BAG OR EMERGENCY KIT. This no-nonsense blade is used for a diverse number of tasks, including shaving tinder, breaking down small game, cutting through cordage and wires, and even as