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1. Black Rifle Coffee Company Complete Mission Fuel Kit

The military’s vehicles may run on diesel, but its troops run on coffee. While chow hall coffee may do the job, let’s just say it isn’t always the most palatable substance out there.

Enter Black Rifle Coffee Company, a company founded by veterans who make gourmet, small batch roasted blends. You’ll want to drink their coffee because it tastes great, not just because you need it to survive that oh-dark-30 wakeup.

If you’re new to Black Rifle, then the Complete Mission Fuel Kit is a great place to start because it gives you four blends to sample (see right). Personally, I go straight to Beyond Black because that’s how I roll. You can get the Kit ground or as whole beans.

When you buy Black Rifle Coffee, you’re not just getting great coffee. You’re helping Black Rifle Coffee to support veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.


 Beyond Black: Dark roast

 Just Black: Medium roast

 AK-47: Medium-dark espresso blend

 Silencer Smooth: Black Rifle’s lightest roast

Roasted daily at in Nashville and Salt Lake City and shipped right to you

Price: $48

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