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Learn To Read Music!
Okay, so we’ve all heard the joke. ‘How do you make a guitarist stop playing? Stick a piece of music in front of him!’ As amusing (or not!) as this may be, it’s true that there are many of us that don’t read music at all. And while this is no great d
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Gt User Guide
Each transcription is broken down into two parts... MUSICAL STAVE The five horizontal lines for music notation show note pitches and rhythms and are divided by bar lines. TAB Under the musical stave, Tab is an aid to show you where to put your fin
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Jam Tracks Tips
We start with a slow 12-bar blues in the key of C#. In terms of scales, you’ll get off to a great start by hitting up the good old C# Minor Pentatonic (C#-E-F#-G#-B) and adding some feeling, using articulations like bends and slides. This is a very o