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Price Changes Your Enjoyment Of Wine, Researchers Find
New research has found people enjoyed a wine more when given an inflated price. Three Italian wines retailing at about £8, £25 and £50 were given to 140 participants in groups at a University of Basel open evening. Some people were given false prices
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Alentejo: 10 Names To Know
Located in the hot, arid Granja-Amareleja sub-region, gutsy reds are the stock-in trade of this 1950s co-op. Increasingly valued for its drought resistance, local grape Moreto thrives here and the co-op makes an exceptionally perfumed, intense exampl
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Luczy’s 30: top Napa Cabernet 2018s
Corison’s Kronos Vineyard, planted in 1971, is one of the world’s great Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, and an anomaly in the modern Napa Valley landscape. The yields are extremely low, and just 6,000 bottles were made. Radiant aromas of blue and purpl