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Legendary by nature

As creatives, we have to make things better in terms of durability and innovation and of course, find ways to save energy. We have to stop expansion and consuming land. We have to re-compact.
– Matteo Thun

N the early 1900s, Milanese architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers used the phrase ‘From the spoon to the city’ to describe the holistic approach of Italian architects towards designing small and big projects. From one legend to another – the quote has stuck with Italian architect Matteo Thun, whom we spoke to while he was on a train ride in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Things

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Home and Design Trends1 min letti
Home & Design Trends
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Home and Design Trends1 min letti
From August to November this year, the grounds of the CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art were seemingly set alight by an installation of 396 bright orange mesh fabric ribbons. Together Apart Middelfart was commissioned for the 2020 Trekanfest as a site for p
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Combining the functionality of a feeding tray and the shape of a spinning top, the Toupy shelf by Joan Bebronne of Mlle Jo is a sculptural piece of furniture that’s designed to last. Its primary design highlight is that it makes its presence felt wit