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Potatoes fall into three main categories: waxy, floury or all-rounders, so choose a variety based on what you will use it for.

Waxy potatoes have a smooth texture and hold their shape when cooked. They are best for boiling and great for potato salads, stews and soups, or any recipe that requires slicing or cutting before cooking. Varieties include kipfler and pink fir. Breaking the rules, the dutch cream is a waxy potato that also makes a buttery, textured mash.

Floury potatoes have a high starch content so tend to fall apart when cooked. They are great for roasting, as their flesh becomes fluffy and the outside crispy, as well as for mashing, as they will be very creamy. Varieties include king edward and coliban. All-rounders fall neatly between floury and waxy. They are starchy enough to make a good mash or roast potato and waxy enough to hold their shape when boiled. When in doubt, use an all-rounder. Varieties include desiree, sebago, blue moon and nicola.


Store potatoes in a cool, dark, dry place for up to three weeks – the bottom of a well-ventilated pantry is perfect. Don’t expose them to sunlight, as doing so can give

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The Australian Women’s Weekly Food3 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
PREP + COOK TIME 4 HOURS 30 MINUTES (+ STANDING & COOLING) SERVES 16 21/3 cups (375g) sultanas2 cups (320g) coarsely chopped raisins1½ cups (210g) coarsely chopped seeded dates1¼ cups (240g) coarsely chopped pitted prunes2 tablespoons raspberry jam
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The Australian Women’s Weekly Food3 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
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PREP + COOK TIME 7 HOURS 30 MINUTES (+ STANDING & COOLING) SERVES 10 1 cup (160g) sultanas1 cup (160g) dried currants1 cup (160g) coarsely chopped raisins½ cup (75g) finely chopped seeded dates⅓ cup (60g) finely chopped pitted prunes½ cup (100g) fi