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Little Butterfly

Little butterfly,Yellow andWith half of one wing missing,I sigh for you,And yet you fly,Struggling on,From one gold sun drop to another,Visiting flowers toFulfill your destiny.

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Once Upon a Time…
Long ago the earth had no land, only water, so the spirits lived above it, on an island in the sky. One day Sky Woman fell off the island. When the animals below saw her falling, they wanted to save her and decided to bring soil up from the bottom of
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Creature Comforts
I NOTICED JUST AS WE boarded the plane to Colombia. “Mom, my raccoons! They’re gone!” “I’m sorry, honey, it’s too late to go back,” my mother said, corralling me and my two siblings. We were going to visit my dad, a civil engineer who had been transf
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Peaceable Kingdom
Seven ducks sedately paddle.A doe drinks with her fawn.But you can only see themIf you get here close to dawn, When a thousand dewy cobwebsThe spiders spun last nightHang sparkling like bright diamondsIn the early morning light. Cows are lowing in th