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On-location Cinematic Portraits
We lit the face of our subject with a single flashgun, fitted to a light stand and used in combination with an umbrella softbox. Modifiers like this offer a soft spread of diffuse light that is perfect for portraiture. We also attached a wireless tri
Practical Photoshop1 min letti
3 Make An Action
Why not semi-automate your creative sharpening? By using a combination of the Select Subject and Focus Area commands, you can quickly isolate and sharpen just the in-focus parts of your subject. Even better, you can make an action that will do it in
Practical Photoshop1 min letti
4 Exclude Skin Tones
With portraits we often want to sharpen details like the eyes, lashes and lips, while leaving the skin alone. The Color Range command (Select > Color Range) has a handy Detect Faces option and a Skin Tones preset that can help you quickly select skin