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Movements 7 Human
Bodyweight squat, goblet squat, back/front squat Standard lunge, step-up, reverse lunge, split squat Press-up, bench press, shoulder press Bent-over row, high pull, pull-up, deadlift Kettlebell swing, deadlift Russian twist, barbell ro
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Training Plan
Across this two-week workout, you’ll perform each of the movements your body is capable of. The plan is to use a variety of different weights, sets and rep ranges. You’ll also be performing cardio work to keep your engine going and ensure a high calo
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All In One
Several important lessons emerged from the chaos of 2020. It’s not wise to drink coffee before wearing a face mask, for example, and more importantly, you don’t need a gym full of kit to stay in shape. You might have known that already, of course, bu