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Launched in 1943, S130 is thought to be the only surviving example of what has been described as an ‘ocean-going shark’ – a class of fast torpedo boats (the S stands for ‘Schnellboot’ – ‘fast boat’ in German) that used their speed and deadly armament to sink scores of Allied ships during the war. Some 200 were built.

Displacing around 110 tonnes the 114-foot vessels were built in aluminium and timber and powered by three V20 MB 501 Daimler-Benz diesels, each developing 2,000hp. Together they gave the S-boats a top speed of 43 knots – easily the fastest craft

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On The Rails
The 80km canal’s system of carriages and rails – in Poland’s Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship region some 240km north of Warsaw – has operated since 1860 and took 16 years to build. It comprises five inclined ‘planes’ that interconnect a series of canals
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Excellent Junior
Josh Junior created history by becoming the first Kiwi to win the Finn Gold Cup (World Championships) and took the top gong at the recent Volvo Yachting Excellence Awards. Junior triumphed at last year’s Finn Gold Cup in Melbourne. Along with the Orb
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Thrust You Can Afford
For many boaties returning to the marina after a trip is always fraught. Everyone’s on high alert with a boat hook and fenders at the ready to try and prevent the inevitable crunch with the dock or a pile. Often, shouting happens and fracture lines a