Your Address Is the Most Crucial Step You Can Take in Raising Antiracist Kids

Father and twin 4-year-old sons riding bicycles in front of suburban home

Parents looking for ways they can do their part to raise antiracist kids are now hyper-analyzing every word they utter. How do I define race to my toddler? What do I say when my kid comments on someone's skin color? How do I even begin to explain privilege to my preschooler? But, according to experts, these quandaries, although important, are tantamount to worrying about a patch of ice while neglecting the gigantic iceberg below the surface.

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"One of the most important lessons of my research is that actions speak louder than words," said Dr. Margaret Hagerman, a sociologist and author of , who . "Whether parents use colorblind language - 'we don't see race' - or color-conscious language - 'we are antiracist' - what they say matters far less than what they actually do, and specifically, what they

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