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As the name suggests, the primal movement takes its culinary cues from the diet enjoyed by our caveman ancestors, focusing on meat and vegies and omitting grains, legumes and processed foods. But unlike strict paleo, primal dieters are encouraged to consume small quantities of dairy – provided it’s high-fat, organic and from grass-fed

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Life On The Veg
From £4.95 per meal, Pick Planty if you’re a plant-based sceptic unconvinced about the quality of vegan cooking. The meals are delicious, packed full of protein, and there’s enough variety to eat a different type of cuisine every day of th
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Movements Over Muscles
Ever since the golden age of bodybuilding, the split routine has been king of the training-programme castle. Chest days, back days, leg days and the like have been the go-to approach for most, regardless of their training goals. But just because it
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Examining earwax may be the best way of checking the longterm levels of the stress hormone cortisol. According to an article in the journal Heliyon, attempts to measure cortisol levels in blood or saliva are notoriously problematic, and run the risk