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Shock Elvis Death Cover-up!
Elvis Presley didn’t die from a heart attack or drug overdose, but from a brain injury he sustained 10 years earlier that eventually led to his death on August 16, 1977. This is the claim that has recently resurfaced from prominent Californian physic
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The Ones Who Got Away
Kylie and the late INXS frontman were the hot couple of the Aussie music scene. While their romance ended due to his wandering eye, he is considered her first true love. The younger Brit model was “seething” after Kylie’s raunchy duet with Justin
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Secrets From The Set!
1 The series borrows a huge amount of inspiration from the 2000 film Best In Show, starring Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy, which was based around the cutthroat world of dog shows. 2 Costumes were imperative to building each contestant’s backsto