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Christmas Crackers
■ CARROT ‘AUTUMN KING’: This intensely orange maincrop carrot will happily sit out winter in the ground but stores well on lifting too. Kings Seeds ■ PARSNIP ‘ALBION F1’: Great resistance to parsnip canker disease and broad, sweet roots that have ear
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All The Trimmings
WINTER SQUASH: Winter squashes store well throughout the winter. Enjoy them roasted or as a fine starting point to a nut roast alternative to turkey. Sow in May, lavish with sunshine, feed and water regularly, then harvest and store from October. Sto
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Important Note
While I encourage you to see if you can seek out this wild edible, it is important that you remember the general key foundations and rules of foraging. When foraging wild food, you should always be confident in your identification. If in doubt, pleas