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While I really like cooking outdoors, especially when I can use my Camp Chef pellet-fired smoker/grill, I used my kitchen oven to prepare this recipe. I cooked the pheasant at 350 degrees (F) in a deep ceramic casserole that’s similar to what you would use to cook

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American Survival Guide5 min letti
To Go Dry Is To Die
Without water of any kind, you’re doomed. There’s no way around it. Dehydration can rapidly affect the body without an ample water supply. Depending on the person's physical condition, environment and exertion levels, they might notice changes in the
American Survival Guide4 min letti
The Flame Game
The point of survival preparations is to do what you can to stack the deck in your favor, come what may. You stock up on food and water in case your normal sources become unavailable. You learn first aid and other medical skills in case someone in yo
American Survival Guide5 min letti
Advice For Staying Intip-top Shape
Being as healthy as possible is up to you. Know what risks you face. You need to educate yourself on ways to lessen those risks, make a plan and commit to implement your plan for a healthier lifestyle. Changing the way we think is often difficult. Ho