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Drought and shade

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IT is to be hoped that by the time you read this, we will have had a good rainfall. When writing, the lawn was brown, and even trees

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Quick Questions & Answers
Q Can I pot up my dahlia tubers now? George Williams, via email A The best time to ‘reawaken’ them is in March or April. Set them in pots of potting compost, adding, by volume, a quarter part grit to improve drainage and water them in. Then set them
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Secateur Holsters
SECATEURS are the gardening tool most people tend to have. They are essential for all forms of trimming and light pruning as well as dead-heading and general tidying, so most of us pick them up automatically whenever we go into the garden, even if we
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Follow The Leaders
OCCASIONALLY, when the top of a tree is damaged, two shoots from lower down grow to replace it, giving the tree two leaders. Where and how these leaders meet drastically affects their strength and the likelihood of the tree living to an old age. Stag