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Perfect your composition in post-production

Pressing the shutter button on your camera is rarely ever the end of the creative process when it comes to digital photography, as we have so much choice when it comes to editing programs and the tools that enable us to polish our pics. Even with film photography you have large amounts of creative control when developing your images in the darkroom,

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Control The Light
All photography relies on light, but this is especially true when you are trying to achieve a particular shutter speed. Modern cameras have such a high dynamic range that small adjustments can usually be made in post-production, but getting as much r
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Q&A With Graeme Green, British Wildlife Photographer And Founder Of The New Big 5 Project
Tell us more about your personal work and approach to wildlife photography. I’ve been travelling the world with cameras and a notepad for about 15 years. I don’t just cover wildlife, but also landscapes, people, cultures and global issues. With my w
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