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IT’S PROBABLY BEEN YEARS SINCE YOU SAT THROUGH AN ANATOMY or physiology class, and chances are you didn’t save your textbooks. But a basic understanding of how your musculature works, grows and thrives can make your time in the gym more intentional and productive. Here, then, is a comprehensive overview of the need-to-know facts about building muscle, preventing injury and living healthier.


There are three kinds of muscle tissue in the human body:

Skeletal muscle gets the lion’s share of attention and is your main focus when it comes to exercise. This tissue is attached to your bones and is responsible for maintaining your posture and moving your body around in space.

Cardiac muscle is controlled by the heart’s sinoatrial node and produces rhythmic contractions that cause your heart to pump.

Smooth muscle tissue is found in your skin, blood vessels and organs and along the tracts of the urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems. It allows for functions such as digestion, peristalsis and blood circulation.

Both cardiac and smooth muscles are involuntary,

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