As you probably know, there’s a vast difference between losing weight and losing body fat — aka getting lean — and even a “skinny” person can be overfat. Keeping your body fat in check obviously means you can rock a bikini, but the long-term benefits of being lean and mean include a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes and the prevention of certain types of cancer.

Unfortunately, leaning out takes more than the magic potion of willpower, luck and genetics — it also requires some trial and error and a whole lot of consistency. These science-based tips offer some concrete action items to help point you in the right direction and set you on a course toward accelerated fat loss.



A study published in revealed that those eating an ultra-processed diet consumed an average of 500 more calories per day and gained 2 pounds in just 14 days, while those eating a diet of unprocessed foods lost 2 pounds. Those on the ultra-processed diet also ate much faster, a habit that can lead to overeating because your gastrointestinal tract doesn’t have enough

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