Unfriending Your Ex 2.0


onclusive research has linked the hormone disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) to birth defects and cancer, and in response, many companies switched to using a similar chemical, bisphenol S (BPS), in plastic packaging and thermal paper, which could be just as bad. “BPS has an

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Kondo Your Kitchen
by now, many of you have probably “Kondo’d” your living spaces using the signature de-cluttering process made famous by organizational guru Marie Kondo. The result: cleaner homes, more functional work spaces and greater peace of mind. But what if we
Oxygen7 min lettiFood & Wine
Burger Flip
Plant-based eating is no longer consigned to shaggy utopians, and trending research indicates that ditching beef for beans can help you live longer while benefiting the environment. These homemade veggie burgers could win any burger war with nutritio
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Hip, Hip Hooray
Your hip joints are an anatomical miracle — and also a pain in the butt (literally). Nearly every person on the planet has experienced some sort of physical issue that is directly related to their hips, which, considering the intricacy of this ball-a