health-food Frauds

Food and drink manufacturers are brilliant at making products seem healthier than they are by using hot-button words like “whole-grain,” “all-natural” and “plant-based.” (For more help deciphering this marketing-speak, see Page 114!) Some products are so well-disguised that they may unknowingly be something akin to junk food and upend your diet by proxy.

It’s time to unmask these health-food frauds and separate the hard truth from the hype.


The Promise

With the recent focus on plant-based eating, meatless burgers have suddenly become mainstream and are even popping up in fast-food restaurants as healthier alternatives to their regular fare. As opposed to the crumbly, bland veggie burgers of yore, these new patties promise a taste and texture experience that won’t leave you pondering, “Where’s the beef.” In fact, some burgers actually (ick) bleed for realism. Since there’s plenty of evidence that eating more plants and fewer animals is better for us and for the planet, these new-gen burger swaps seemingly deserve a halo.

Reality Bites

The true value of eating a plant-based diet comes from

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