Plant-based eating is no longer consigned to shaggy utopians, and trending research indicates that ditching beef for beans can help you live longer while benefiting the environment. These homemade veggie burgers could win any burger war with nutrition muscle alone and deliver the knockout punch with high-end flavor. So grab your buns and try these easy no-moo meals, guaranteed to satisfy any palate.


There are a few tricks of the trade you can implement to ensure picture-perfect burgers each and every time.

Soggy Setbacks

Nothing is more off-putting than a mushy burger, which can be an issue with veggie burgers because of the high moisture content of vegetables. A binder such as breadcrumbs can glue everything together, or you can opt for more nutritious ingredients like almond flour, ground flaxseed, wheat germ or quick oats. You also can remove some moisture by patting ingredients dry with paper towels, such as beans and cooked rice, before adding to the recipe. And of course, add liquid ingredients like soy sauce, tomato paste and

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