Hip, hip hooray

are an anatomical miracle — and also a pain in the butt (literally). Nearly every person on the planet has experienced some sort of physical issue that is directly related to their hips, which, considering the intricacy of this ball-and-socket joint, isn’t really a surprise. Each hip is surrounded by 17 muscles, which allow you to move your legs forward, backward, side to side, in and out, and in rotation. Various combinations of those muscular actions allow you to stand upright, run, jump, change directions, kick, dive,

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Deconstructing The Marketing Jargon
Marketing and magic are frequent bedfellows, and entire teams of people get paid to create David Blaine–worthy illusory campaigns in order to make a product seem better/healthier than the 20 others just like it on the shelf. But not all this packagin
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Seriously — Thank You.
Putting this issue together was painful on so many levels. First of all, I was a mess. Mentally, I was exhausted from the inexorable global panic and from juggling 24/7 child care and work, which was (and still is at this writing) nothing short of im
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Spotlight On Spelt
Like fashion, everything old is new again with food, and “ancient grains” like spelt are gaining traction. Cutting to the chaff, spelt has been around since the Roman Empire and contains vital nutrients, including a spectrum of B vitamins, magnesium,