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Pasture Management To Boost Organic Matter
Pasture is one of the best things that can happen to a soil. The fibrous roots of grass are ideal for creating crumbly topsoil rich in organic matter. But not all pastures are created equal. The roots of all crop plants can help contribute to the bui
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ASPARAGUS Spears To Die For
Bill and Irene Cummings, with the help of their three children over the years, have operated Greenfern (Les Asperges) since 2000. Located at Tamahere near Cambridge on 23 hectares of flat sandy loam soil, their fields produced at peak 100 tonnes of a
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Organic Bill Rewrite Coming
The Organic Products Bill is expected to be rewritten substantially after dozens of critical submissions to Parliament’s Primary Production Select Committee. Organic producers and distributors who fronted at committee hearings on 11 June (via online