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I grew these 15.5 kg of New Zealand yams (oca) and 10 kg of potatoes, organically, on eight square metres of land. The total number of hours that went into sowing, growing and harvesting the crop was six.

I could sell these tubers, wholesale, for $80 (which would pay me $13.30 an hour for my work), or use them to fuel me for 10 days (an average woman consumes around 1600 calories per day). Sometimes, the maths of self-sufficiency is fun to do. But if I was an organic grower, selling vegetables for a living, these figures might seem a

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HOT & SPICY Warming Winter Drinks
Cold winter weather makes us seek comfort in soft blankets, cosy fires, and warming foods and drinks. Winter culinary pleasures often include spices, not only to enhance flavour, but also to lend their own unique warming actions. These spices taste g
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Things we Like
Several of the Organic NZ team recently tried out Daily Organics Summer Kombucha. It’s a lovely, crisp, gut-nourishing health drink. The ginger and lemon flavour is light on the palate with a tart refreshing aftertaste that leaves your tongue feeling
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Sorting out YOUR SEEDS
Years ago when I was wwoofing during a particularly wet period, my host found me a good indoor task: sorting out his seed collection. Being the child of librarians – and cataloguing librarians at that – I really enjoyed this task. Winter is the perfe