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Natural Stencil
DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: one hour ♥ bees wax ♥ heavy bottomed cooking pot ♥ leaves ♥ fabric spray paint (Dala) ♥ fabric item, for printing Start by designing your pattern: Arrange the leaves on the fabric you will be printing. Melt the wax in the pot
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Make Your Own Stencil
DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: 30 minutes ♥ brightly coloured sheet of plastic (100 micron) ♥ craft knife and cutting mat ♥ sheet of glass ♥ stencil glue ♥ graphic image for template ♥ adhesive tape ♥ décor items for stencilling ♥ brush ♥ paint or spray pa
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Shibori Style
DIFFICULTY: moderate TIME: 3–4 hours Size 32-34 ♥ pattern on page 65♥ 4m white fabric (2 x 1,5m are dyed and 1 x 1m left plain white)♥ matching machine thread 1 Cut out all the pattern pieces: 1 x front and 1 x back from the dyed fabric and 2 x flaps