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s is the case with most businesses not only within New Zealand but around the world, local motorsport sanctioning body MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) has

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NZ Performance Car1 min letti
NZ Performance Car EDITOR René Vermeer, SUBEDITORS Karen Alexander, Richard Adams-Blackburn PROOFREADER Sarah Beresford SENIOR DESIGNER Mark Gibson DESIGNERS Day Barnes, Henry Khov ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Em
NZ Performance Car3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Vika May
AGE: 27 // LOCATION: AUCKLAND // OCCUPATION: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT NZ Performance Car: Hey Vika! Tell us, when did you first get into the car scene and modifying cars? Vika: Hey guys! I got into the car scene in my early teens, and even more so once I
NZ Performance Car1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Japanese Is Out And Euro Is In!
William Thomas O’Gorman is an incredibly handy fellow behind the welder and builds a tidy race car, with his previous Toyota AE111 a garage-built work of art. After a couple of successful NZ Superlap Series track days, William decided to make the swi