Mini Salmon and Herb Quiches

hese mini salmon and herb quiches are full of flavor. They are great to make for breakfast or brunch when you have company, or when you just need a single serving. They are

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The Bright Side
@andrewtparkinson It’s been one hell of a strange year, right? Covid-19 didn’t just throw us a curveball; it hurled the equivalent of a drunken albatross down our strike zone. For boaters, it’s easy to resent the pandemic for all its inconveniences:
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Canned Goods
If you search online for WD-40 uses, you will come across a bewildering array of ideas, including untangling jewelry, removing crayon marks, and chasing away spiders. Somehow, what I plan to use it for is never on those lists. Fluids in cans fill an
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Spoiled For Choice
Our sailboat Bumfuzzle circumnavigated the globe 17 years ago, culminating what was an unlikely chapter in my life. My wife and I grew up as landlocked Midwesterners without a single boater or traveler in either family. How had we gotten here? We wer