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Reality TV Glows Up
THERE’S A SCENE IN HBO’s NXIVM-cult docuseries, The Vow, that turned my initial idle curiosity into absurd, all-consuming obsession. At the end of the first episode, a former cult member named Mark Vicente gets emotional in the middle of a talking-he
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Daddy’s Day Out
THE NEW MOVIE from Sofia Coppola, On the Rocks, has the premise of a mild-mannered sitcom and a heart so incongruously wounded that you might leave it wanting to gently talk up the benefits of therapy. It begins and ends positioned as a mere wisp of
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Claudia Conway Is Not Your Savior
FOR A WHILE, it was James Comey. Then it was Robert Mueller. For a brief moment, the internet’s liberal pundits speculated that perhaps Melania Trump herself could be the truth-teller we needed to stand up to Donald Trump. But one seemingly unhappy m