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How Good Are You Willing To Let Life Get? Daily Messages From A Spirit Animal

How Good Are You Willing To Let Life Get? Daily Messages From A Spirit Animal, by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, MD. Photograph of elephant by Parsing Eye
Photograph by Parsing Eye

With whimsy, wisdom and heart — Sarah and Alice the Elephant, her spirit animal, dish up daily reflections and a prompt for prayer to heal your life.

I was seated facing the majestic Apu Pachatusan, a mountain of immense spiritual power in the sacred valley of Peru. Assisted by a local shaman, our small group worked with masterful plant medicines to heal. In the first ceremony, beneath the intense Andean sun, I was drawn to a feather that was caught in a tree branch, somehow dangling and spinning freely in the wind. The immense softness and lightness of the feather beckoned to me.

Photograph of the sacred valley of Peru, by Sarah Bamford Seideman
Photograph courtesy of Sarah Bamford Seidelman

As I sat near the spinning feather, under the healing influence of the ceremony, it felt like the entire Universe embraced me with love. A recent rejection from my literary

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