Owning an Oberhasli Goat

f you’re a cheese lover, or a hiker, you’re sure to become a fan of the Oberhasli goat. In the mountainous regions of Switzerland where the breed originated, they’re known as , or “chamois-colored goat,” in reference to their dominant chamois color pattern. Chamois, or , is described as a reddish-brown with a black belly, black legs up to the knee, a black stripe along each side of the face, a black muzzle, and a black stripe along the back to the tail. Beyond their striking

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Homemade Steamed Buns TAKE A BAO
Steamed buns, also known as bao (pronounced “bough”), hum bao, and other names depending on the part of the world, are fun to make and handy for a quick meal or snack. Almost endless variations are possible in the type of filling, method of cooking,
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Brooding Japanese Quail
Japanese quail (also known as coturnix quail) are remarkably low-maintenance birds. Even after hatching and brooding several generations of quail, I’m always surprised at how rapidly they grow and adapt to their environment. They’re smaller at hatchi
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Traditional Hearth Broom
Sweeping with a handmade broom can connect you to the long history of brooms made out of natural materials, from improvised brooms crafted from broken branches to rural artworks featuring decorative stitches. I’ve been making brooms for several years