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These stars let their money talk

Michael Jordan

The ex NBA star pledged $100 million (R1,7bn) over

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Ask Dr Louise
Q My sister invited me to stay with her and her husband during lockdown as I live in a flat on my own. My sis and I are two years apart in age and her husband is two years older than her. While staying with them I realised what a stunning guy he is –
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On The Covid Frontline
THE sight of a hypodermic needle hovering over your skin is enough to give anyone cold shivers, but what if you knew it contained a brand-new vaccine that hasn’t been tested on humans before? That’s a whole other level of scary. But when Nosisi Ngqib
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Can I Help?
‘STAND back, everyone,” Emma said. Her trio of assistants moved well away from the oven. Emma pulled the door open a little way, allowing a waft of delicious-smelling steam to escape, before opening it fully. She basted the roasting meat and turned t