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Janez says his three sons, Matisse (16), Vincent (5) and Noah (4), are obsessed with their artist grandfather, Jan (71).

What do you love most about your dad? He’s so calm, kind and gentle. You really can’t fault the man. There are few men in this world as well read as my father. He can partake in almost any conversation and his knowledge is inspiring. But what I probably love most about him is how obsessed my children are with their Ova. They’ll sit for hours in his art studio painting and listening to his stories.

What’s the most important lesson you learnt from him? He’s given me the ultimate gift of freedom to choose my own destiny. I was never boxed in or moulded into something I wasn’t. Most of all, my dad taught me to view the world with an open mind that’s accepting of all cultures and people. I was also privileged to travel the world with my parents, and the lessons I learnt were invaluable.

“My dad loves getting books or some basics - belts, socks, undies, etc. He’s a real minimalist when it comes to

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