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Adding human interest to a landscape is a fantastic way to introduce a subject to a flat scene, and it also affords you a little bit more control over your composition. Social media is teeming with figure-in-a-landscape photos, and we’re going to show you just how effective this technique can be.

We shot our sunrise image in the UK’s Lake District. With no interesting subject, and the lake and sky dominating the frame, we would have struggled to take a traditional landscape – but with our model positioned on a partially submerged rock we were able to create a clear subject. If you’re not

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Look For Abstracts
The world of modern art is full of abstract paintings and sculpture, making it a wonderful resource for ideas and inspiration. While your own photographs may be based on real images rather than brushstrokes, abstract art is full of lessons on the use
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Go Beyond The Golden Hours
We’re taught that the best times of day for landscape photography are early in the morning and late in the afternoon, because the angle of the light can bring a wonderful dimensionality to the land, and there may be a little extra colour as well. How
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Photography Week has joined up with GuruShots, ‘the world’s greatest photography game’, to showcase the winning images from a series of photo challenges. These are the winning and commended images from the Mostly White challenge GuruShots is a platfo