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Get your GUT back on track

We often only think about our gut health when it starts to go wrong – a stomach ache or indigestion. But scientists are constantly learning that the bacteria teeming in our guts play a vital role throughout our bodies. Some of these bugs are beneficial, others are neutral and some are very unhelpful.

Your microbiome – the community of microbes living in

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Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Celebrate With A COCKTAIL
The base for this super-elegant cocktail can be made in advance and shaken with ice when your guests arrive – that way, you’ll get froth on each cocktail…it’s well worth it! SERVES 1 ✴ 50ml (1¾fl oz/3tbsp) gin✴ 20ml (1½tbsp) cherry syrup✴ 30ml (2¼
Woman's Weekly Living Series3 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
SERVES 16 ✴ 450g (1lb) raisins✴ 250g (9oz) sultanas✴ 90g (3oz) chopped dried figs✴ 150g (5oz) flaked almonds✴ 150g (5oz) chopped dried dates✴ 175g (6oz) peeled and grated Granny Smith apple✴ 450ml (15fl oz) sherry✴ 300g (10oz) unsalted butter, chopp
Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min letti
Alternative ADVENT
• String or twine in contrasting colours• Mini brown paper envelopes (approx 6 x 10cm)• Metallic marker pens• Mini wooden pegs• Push pins or temporary hooks 1 Begin by creating the braided cord from which the advent envelopes hang. Plait together th