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News Briefs
French veteran Jean Le Cam has called on the Vendée Globe organisers to ensure the race remains ‘accessible’. Le Cam, aged 61, who finished fourth overall after his rescue of Kevin Escoffier, said: “Today this race is becoming financially inaccessibl
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JESS LLOYD MOSTYN is a writer and blue water cruiser who is currently moored in Singapore TOM CUNLIFFE is an author, journalist and TV presenter, and one of Britain's best-known cruising sailors NICK COGHLAN is a retired Diplomat based in Canada.
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It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over
The ninth Vendée Globe had promised to be a lightning-fast head-to-head between two or three boats, a sprint around the globe that would surely lower the 74-day record and herald a new era in offshore racing. In the event, the two big favourites had