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Essential gear that makes working from home much easier

Laptops work great on the road or in the office, but now that so many of us have been suddenly thrust into working from home, you may be realizing that your tiny notebook isn’t optimal for being pounded on for eight hours straight. Yes, it can get the job done. But with a little help, your laptop can get the job done so much better.

We’ve rounded up a list of gear and services that can make working from home just a little bit easier, because the less added stress in your life right now, the better. You won’t find big, pricey, obvious stuff here; you already know that if you can devote extra space and cash toward a proper desk and an office chair, you’ll be more comfortable. Instead, we’re focusing on more affordable accessories that can help smooth off some of the rough edges of full-time laptop life.

A mouse

Yes, your laptop has

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