New Normal

hese days, cruising comes with its challenges. I’ve talked with longtime boaters who say they’ve experienced some discouraging moments since the coronavirus created a new normal on and offshore. Some say boating in a pandemic is a bit more stressful than they imagined

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A Tug That Works It
Many boat owners have a healthy obsession with commercial craft and fantasize about the possibility of owning one at some point. Sam Devlin, on the other hand, designed and built his own personal working tug. Devlin is principal at Devlin Designing B
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Tie One On
I learned my knots the hard way as a young crew member on a two-person delivery. The captain asked for a rolling hitch. When he received rolling eyes instead, he reacted by drilling me practically to tears. I was sure he was a sadist, demanding bowli
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I’ve been a boater and regular reader of Soundings for years. Caps off to Pim Van Hemmen for successfully running common threads through several great articles over a few recent issues. Take, for instance, “The River That Flows Both Ways” (October 20