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The original carriage house was dilapidated: Early on, horses had taken their toll, while, more recently, changes to accommodate an RV had destroyed the historical character. “The new homeowners saw a fun, quirky old building worth saving,” says Cambridge, Mass., architect Frank Shirley. His design adds vehicle storage, as there are four drivers in the family. A game-room getaway for teenagers and a private retreat for guests fill the loft area above the garage bays.

(Having electricity, or an automobile, was status enough.) Today the garage is expected to do more, from storing grownup

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Ceiling Talk
BORDER A band of ornament; in the domestic interior, usually 9" or less. BOX BEAM A “faux” decorative beam built up from boards joined together to form a shell, as opposed to a solid structural beam. Electrical lines were sometimes run in the boxes f
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Lig1ting & Hardware
lighting was upgraded as technology changed, so you don’t necessarily have to stick to the original period of your house. Colonial styles dating from before 1820, even if available electrified, include patinated copper lanterns, chandeliers with “can
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In colonial America, shiny fabrics with complex patterns were the province of a wealthy elite. As the 19th century dawned, advances in production techniques meant more people could afford fancier fabrics. Until recently, reproductions were hard to fi