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Glass-Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Glass


Wash glass with the vinegar solution, applied with a soft cloth and squeegeed off. Spray on glass cleaner with a clean cloth and follow by rubbing with newspaper. (Try Windex with ammonia, or a commercial preparation.) If a stubborn haze from mineral deposits is left behind, apply a glass-cleaning compound such

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On Parquet Flooring
Parquet, a geometric arrangement of wood strips and shapes, dates to the Renaissance but is famously associated with the 17th-century palace of Versailles in France. After the Industrial Revolution, by the late 19th century, pieces were prearranged o
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Post-Victorian Houses
Low-slung and with exaggerated structure, the Bungalow was in its heyday (ca. 1898–1930) prized for its exotic, Anglo–Indian associations and for the artistic naturalism that tied it to Arts & Crafts. Popular 1893–1950 in most of the country, variant
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Vintage Lamp Cords
Cloth-covered cords on antique table and floor lamps (and occasionally such fixtures as ceiling pendants) evoke instant nostalgia, but many from the first half of the 20th century contain asbestos. Like the insulation on knob-and-tube wiring, the old