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If you’re a fan or a follower of the Paleo diet, you’ve probably heard that beans are second only to grains in their ability to damage your gut, increase your weight, and generally harm your health. But most studies agree that people who eat beans have a lower risk of heart disease, cancer and overall mortality. So are beans friend or foe? As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Beans contain a multitude of nutrients, They’re low in fat, high in protein (15-20 grams

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Did You Know…
that what we call kabocha squash in North America, UK, and Japan is known as Kent pumpkin in Australia (they also refer to it as Japanese pumpkin)? In fact, in Australia they refer to all winter squash as pumpkin, so butternut squash is butternut pum
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TELL ME MORE: Pumpkins
Pumpkins come from the same family of gourds that include cucumbers and melons. They run the gamut in terms of shape, color, and size. Aside from the ubiquitous orange, grayish-green and white pumpkins are also available. Some can fit in the palm of